Free Hardwood Floor Estimate Nyack, NY

Free Hardwood Floor Estimate in Nyack, NY

Free Hardwood Floor Estimate Nyack, NY

How Do I Choose the Right Type of Wood Flooring?

Hardwood floors are prized for their beauty and durability by home and business owners throughout the country. While people know a hardwood floor when they see one, when it comes to actually choosing the right wood flooring for their home or business, many people don’t know the right questions to ask. Fortunately, Precision Hardwood Flooring is here to answer your questions and help you out with a free hardwood floor estimate in Nyack, NY.

Here are the points you need to consider when choosing your hardwood floor:

Wood Species

Each species of wood is unique and comes with its own set of benefits. They have different colors, patterns, textures and costs. We can help you determine which species of wood is right for you when you call us for your free hardwood floor estimate in Nyack, NY.


Some people like to have wood floors that accentuate the natural colors of their species of wood. Others use paints or stains to give them a unique appearance. Whatever type of color you are looking for, we offer paints, stains and finishes that will give your room the beauty and personality you desire.

Board Width

Ranging from narrow strips of three inches or left to wide planks, parquet squares and even rectangles, there are a variety of different shapes of wood board you can choose to craft your floor.


While we call it “hardwood” flooring, there are actually legitimate differences in hardness. Harder woods, like red oak, can withstand a great deal of punishment, while softer woods are more likely to scratch. Regardless of hardness, however, Precision Hardwood Flooring can keep your floor looking like new with our sanding, polishing and refinishing services.

To learn more about your options for hardwood flooring, call Precision Hardwood Floors at (845) 369-8814 for a free hardwood floor estimate in Nyack, NY.

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Free Hardwood Floor Estimate Nyack, NY