Wood Floors FAQ's

  1. Is modern wood flooring suitable for kitchens?
    • Yes, wood floors are very durable, stylish and the slats can be easily replaced if damaged compared to tiled flooring.
  2. How long does wood flooring take to acclimate in a room?
    • Wood flooring needs at least 3 days to acclimate within the natural environment of the room.
  3. Are wood floors easy to clean?
    • Yes, wood floors are easy to clean and maintain by using the proper cleansers for wood flooring. Well maintained wood flooring typically has a long lasting shine that enhances the look of your home or business.
  4. Are dents and scratches easy to repair on hard wood floors?
    • It depends on the location and severity of the damage. Some hard wood floor manufactures even provide kits and touch-up products to restore minor dents and scratches but for more effective results call one of our floor repair professionals for a free wood floor repair estimate.
  5. Will direct sunlight damage my hardwood floor?
    • Yes, typically direct sunlight alters the original color of hardwoods floors overtime. We recommend using directional blinds to reflect any constant sunlight on a wall or ceiling.
  6. I have a large dog, can I still install a hardwood floor in my home?
    • Yes you can, providing that your dog’s nails are kept trimmed and floors regularly maintainted.
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Wood Floors FAQ's