Wood Floor Contractor Garnerville, NY

Hardwood Floors Contractor in Garnerville, NY 10923

Whether your floors are in good condition or are decades old, the professionals at Precision Hardwood Flooring, LLC in Garnerville can provide you with the services that your floors require. From a light buffing and top coating to specialized restoration, we offer professional wood floor sanding, finishing and repair services for all of our customers. For inquiries about our services, please call us at 845-369-8814.

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New Wood Floor Installation in Garnerville, 10923

When you choose to install a new hardwood floor, your home will look more elegant and more beautiful than ever. By selecting hardwood floors for your home, you will be getting floors that are durable and environmentally friendly. We have many styles and colors of wood to choose from, and we carry most manufacturers' hardwood flooring.

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Sanding / Refinishing Repairs in Garnerville, 10923

Sanding your hardwood floors ensures that they will stay smooth. During the wood floor sanding / refinishing process, we only take a minimal amount off of the surface, stretching out the life of your floors. Our experienced technicians are available to assist you with any hardwood floor repairs you may require.

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Floor Repair in Garnerville, 10923

Hardwood floors are a beautiful flooring solution that have the ability to create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation; however, to stay in top condition, these will need wood floor repairs. When wood flooring gets worn or is in need of other repairs, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Wood Floor Sanding in Garnerville, 10923

Sanding hardwood flooring is perceived to be a messy, dusty job that requires a great deal
of clean up after the work is finished. When you choose Precision Hardwood Flooring, we assure you that all of the dust associated with the job will be contained.

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Floor Refinishing in Garnerville, 10923

When your hardwood floors become worn and lose their original sheen, our techniques will restore their appearance with a beautiful, smooth finish. Refinishing hardwood floors will enhance the beauty, value and comfort of your home or business.

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Laminate Floors in Garnerville, 10923

Laminate floors in Garnerville are beneficial because they are cheaper than most other types of floors, easier to maintain and clean and extremely easy to lay down. Precision Hardwood Flooring in Garnerville carries only the highest quality laminate floor brands, from companies such as Armstrong, Mirage, Mannington and many more.

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Ceramic Tile Floors in Garnerville, 10923

Ceramic tile flooring is an ancient style that has been circulation for thousands of years. We take the tradition of ceramic tile into consideration when we install ceramic tile floors in Garnerville. Regardless of the type or style of flooring you choose to have installed, Precision Hardwood Flooring will work with accuracy and professionalism to complete the job.

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Wood Floor Contractor Garnerville, NY